Life of an INFP; Drawbacks and Challenges

So, I’m pretty confident that people have a pretty positive reaction to INFPs after an initial interaction. We tend to be very empathetic and can typically see things from several points of view, which makes us great mediators and listeners. However, no one is perfect, and we have our drawbacks just like any other type. I’m going to go through some of the drawbacks I personally have as an INFP, and talk about how I deal with these challenges. If you have any input you would like to share, I always welcome people to sound off in the comments.

  • We can be way too idealistic.

So this can be a strength and a weakness all in one package. I think being an idealist can be a magical thing. We can see scenarios that benefit everyone and a lot of the time are able to make these scenarios a reality. However, when we have big dreams of an idealistic world, reality can be extremely draining. We also tend to put people we love on a pedestal and hold them to unrealistic expectations. This can set our loved ones, and ourselves, up for failure in the long term.

  •  We can become unmotivated towards tasks we are not passionate about.

Another drawback that INFPs can have is the inability to carry out tasks that we are simply not inspired to do. For me personally, this can include cleaning, organizing, making important phone calls, or doing schoolwork. INFPs need to find meaning and importance in the things that occupy their time, but this can result in the avoidance of important tasks. 

  •  We take criticism personally.

Even criticism that is intended to be constructive can make INFPs feel like they are being personally attacked. We tend to hold ourselves up to unrealistically high standards, and if we feel as though we are not living up to those standards, we perceive this as failure. Criticism can come across as conflict, which is something that INFPs will avoid like the plague. Conflict interferes with INFPs harmonious mindset, and cause them to mentally and emotionally shut down.

  •  We tend to feel lonely.

Although INFPs tend to be very warm and kind people, it is common for them to have a very small but close friend group. INFPs tend to have a very hard time trusting that people will understand them. We have a tendency to make ourselves outcasts, which can lead to feeling depressed and isolated from the people around us. Since we are an introverted personality type, it is very common for us to feel exhausted from prolonged social interaction. This can make engaging and making lasting connections with others very difficult for us.

  •  Our heads are always in the clouds.

Although this seems like a relatively harmless quality to have, it can actually be quite a drawback for INFPs. Having a vivid imagination is a great, but if we let our imagination run wild for too long, we can lose hours of reality at a time. This can be extremely disorienting and uncomfortable for us and can be very draining.

Thank you all for sticking around until the end. In my next post, I will be discussing the great qualities of INFPs. Don’t forget to like this article if you enjoyed it, and I will see you again soon!